NYE 1999 NYC Knitting Factory

So happy to have finally found this - was wondering if it was recorded and then I find out there's video. I was in the balcony - I think my first time at the Knitting Factory. Very nice to spend NYE with Elliott....


Michael Hedges & Pierre Bensusan

Very happy I was at the Montreal show Pierre Bensusan mentions here . Was Sean's idea to go see Michael Hedges and made me discover Pierre Bensusan (and possibly my first exposure to someone playing around with a loop pedal live).


George Harrison - I want to hold your hand

Never noticed how incredible / quirky and cool Goerge's guitar licks are on the song. Gives me ideas.  


palindromic in bases 3 (22223), 6 (2126), 9 (889), 15 (5515), 19 (4419) and 39 (2239)