$37 and 3 demerit points for crossing a red light on a bixi (a couple of days ago). my only other "moving" violation (with demerit points as well) in 25 years of driving was for not wearing a seat belt in the BACK seat many years ago.
some day i will actually get a ticket while driving a car....


what is with this swedish indie folk rock explosion. do they think they are in montreal?


"star wars kid" is studying law at mcgill (great comeback) AND jishnu got a mention in this article


these kids (5th grade) do a good version of my favourite school house rock song
good interview with ravi shankar


I don't understand why the ghosts are not totally pissed that the ghost whisperer always changes what they say when speaking to their families.
"Tell him he gave me my freedom"
"She says she is happy now"
"That's not what I said"
"She says she never wanted to be a dancer"
"You're not even trying"
"Do you see the light?"
"I'll show you a $%^&^* light"