photoshopped danny

Microphone check uses this picture of Danny Brown - it is disconcerting that in the original someone has drawn white lines around his cheek and ears.


new charter better not be wishy washy

we want to ban clothing that was brought about by religious modesty for women - ban it in the public service domain that is - to not set a "bad" example?
women (in cultures throughout the world including the new world) were forced to cover their torsos by both christian and muslim modesty. these conventions of "decency" are pretty recent and brought about by religion. by the logic above, any public servant position that is shirtless for a man should also be shirtless for a woman, in order to ban religious conventions of female modesty. never mind that it is *now* the cultural norm for women to cover the upper body and not think of it as a religious convention but as a personal choice - that's just getting used to something - at the heart of it it is religion that forced women to cover up. can a law cherry-pick which religious clothing conventions it deems as sexist....if so doesn't that law become racist in how it decides cultural norms? i think this would mean (if the charter passes) that a women holding such a public service position would be *forced* to expose her torso or lose her job. are their life guard positions that are public service? maybe daycare workers that take kids swimming?