i did a search for the word porn in my gmail account. it seems that almost every single village voice newsletter that i have received (since 2004) has the word porn somewhere in it.


recovered from my semi outdoor storage - one casette tape with chrw recording (30 min of it) of the archers of loaf playing at the embassy hotel in london, ont on thursday march 23, 1995.
near the end you hear tom and i challenging the archers to a cage fight....matt gentling responds in kind.


listening to some vinyl i snagged from my dad - and suddenly realized the pixies stole from (paid homage to) sammy davis jr. i have but one life to live (a song i remember well from my childhood) starts with a drumbeat and sammy screaming "hey! get it on!" (or is it "get it off"?). can't remember the name of the pixies song that copies it (although i can hear the riff) but black francis sure draws from a varied bag of tricks....


goose giving me another hear attack two stories up....

goose roosting


gilbert gottfried's voice lent to clippy as microsoft announced they were getting rid of him with xp...what happened?
too bad - there was another cartoon (i couldn't find) where he types up a resume - was funny....


on the "very freaky because it's scary" front - an organization called the cult awareness network was driven to bankruptcy by the church of scientology
and then a scientology member bought the name and assets at a bankruptcy sale and they now run it. whoa.
on a related note - chris (or was it mike) reminded me that when we were at expo 86 in vancouver as teenagers scientologists tried to recruit us and showed us some film at their spaceship HQ....my memories are vague....i think the film was....amusing.
babs made up a new word: pissable.
an excerpt of my msn conversation with him (in munich):
A.N.R.A. says:
I didn't think that was pissible
A.N.R.A. says:
Prasun says:
but he made a very good point about wiki
A.N.R.A. says:
either way
A.N.R.A. says:
wait I just coined another term
A.N.R.A. says:
Prasun says:
it is funny though - i am using wiki a lot for looking up advanced math
A.N.R.A. says:
l..... :0
Prasun says:
i think pissable might exist
Prasun says:
if i swallow a radioactive spider - do you think the radioactivity will be pissable if i want to mark my name on a wall and have it read by a geiger counter
Prasun says:



i actually remember this episode of square pegs....i didn't remember it was john densmore though


saw a disturbing vid on youtube of maggot being removed from someone's head (i think the term maggot must be wrong since it was feeding on live tissue)....anyways - seems to be true according to the bbc


Magic parking lot

Magic parking lot
Originally uploaded by prasun.
hmm does that mean you can pretty much always park there or never park there?
in practice...."always"
i love alvin lee live


i never even saw the original movie - and i still find this hilarious....


i cannot believe that it is only the indian jewish community that is protesting the new "hitler's cross" resto in mumbai. it is not like india is normally big on "freedom of speech" with its recent controversy about shutting down blogging....incredible.


my hard disk on my server crashed last week
on the advice of fellow student aptly named lucky13 - i froze the hard disk for 1/2 hour and was able to boot it again and backup data....it really wouldn't boot until i froze it in a ziplock bag. so the internet rumours are true - apparently it works about 50% of the time....
i found an old disk that wasn't needed - installed everything - but then realized it was SO noisey i couldn't take it. so i removed it....finally found another that wasn't needed and just finished reinstalling redhat + all appropriate directories....hopefully this disk lasts longer....


barbara dennerlein - watch her feet...
turns out was not in the apartment itself in the back storage...still disgusting...but less so...


maybe this is not appropriate to have online....but....
mon voisin - martin - il est fou. il composte.
his compost exploded a few days ago. it smelled like shit (not in my apartment though).
i had my fears.
i just found out from another neighbour that it litterally dripped down the walls of martin's downstairs neighbour....
the feces is apparently his own.
i have a feeling i am soon going to have a new neighbour....


ok go
Archers of Loaf in Montreal in 1995....I was at this show.
won't get into details - but my computer got hacked because i was using a version of realvnc that had a bug letting anybody remotely log onto your computer without a password. very annoying.



i just submitted a typo to the nobel prize people:

Hi - I just wanted to let you know about a typo on this page:http://nobelprize.org/alfred_nobel/biographical/index.html
Alfred Nobel (1883-1896) – was born in Stockholm, Sweden on October 21, 1833.
I assume the initial 1883 should read 1833!


i'm pretty sure bjork's song cvalda must have been inspired by gainsbourg's comic strip


foreign accent syndrome after stroke
ok - too much time on th'ol U toob
check out brian jones in this



i mentioned an article written by a canadian soldier in a previous post....
he is one of the un soldiers that was killed by israeli bombing...
more palmpilot comics
palmpilot comics
an example of the bengali word apatata (ah-pa-tho-tho) which kinda means "meanwhile"....


Dirty Mac from the Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus


i'm curious - with the magnifying glass that is on the middle east right now (i mean in terms of scrutiny although you could argue also in terms of burning a hole in the map) why have these incidents not been reported in the western media even though it is in a UN press release:
Noting that the past month had witnessed one shooting incident and a subsequent exchange of fire across the Blue Line, he said that on 1 February, the Israel Defense Forces had shot a Lebanese shepherd in the Shab’a Farms area [emphasis added by me]. In response to that shooting, on 3 February, Hizbollah had fired two rockets in the direction of an Israel Defense Forces position in the area in which the shepherd’s body had been found. The Israel Defense Forces had responded with artillery, small-arms fire and two air strikes. Hizbollah had responded with small-arms fire and 15 Katyusha rockets. Three artillery rounds fired from unknown locations had impacted approximately 200 metres east of a United Nations position near Kafr Shuba. Israeli air violations of the Blue Line had continued, albeit less frequently, during the past month. According to Lebanese military and media reports, Israeli jets had violated Lebanese airspace on 14 February during the first anniversary of Hariri’s assassination, although they had not been observed by the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL). The United Nations reiterated its call on the Israeli authorities to halt those breaches of Lebanese sovereignty and fully respect the Blue Line.

it is obviously relevant to recent events, so it is strange that it is only reported in the arab media. so much so that i was having my doubts as to its validity until i found it on the UN site...
i have only found two refs to it (at this time) - one in a canadian soldier's write-in piece and another in a new zealand opinion piece.


i find this much better than the weird "reality" ads of kids talking about wetting their beds.... warning explicit cartoon baby tiger genitalia and cartoon caca....


flying tar
workers fixing the roof spent a lot of time flinging down huge pieces of roofing managing to rip my clothesline out of the wall and fuck up my phone line.
subsequently, it was a huge hassle to get access to the back courtyard so the bell tech could install a new line.
on the plus side - i met the owner of the building next door, "chacha", who informed me that she and my landlord are in a huge feud - apparently he thinks she broke a gate to get access to the courtyard; she points out it's probably the neighbourhood crack addicts.
should be an interesting summer.


i just made a change to the wiktionary adding an entry for homely
- very empowering...
in case it gets erased:
Proficient in skills needed to maintain a home (common usage - Indian subcontinent e.g. in matrimonial advertisements)

my cousins were quite surprised to learn of the common dictionary meaning.
i figure a billion english speakers using it that way has to count for something....


a message from marn - when the habs were still in the playoffs....
(i've deleted her phone number)


This contains the classic sound of someone hitting the ground that only the pink panther series got right. We would try to recreate it in highschool to no avail....listen for it when the guy gets hit by a boulder....


OK - Goose just ate a centipede. As I was googling whether it is safe for her to do so (since they can bite and cause swelling like a bee-sting) I came across all these links to a video of a Giant Centipede eating a mouse....I linked to it myself but then thought anyone just can google it themselves if they want trouble sleeping at night....


Made a new server for home because the noise was driving me crazy. So resurrected and reinstalled a machine with a 400 MHz processor to replace my 200 MHz processor machine. Wow - went from 9 yr old technology to 7 yr old technology...and it's still kind of noisy.



Cup of Robots by a gantry robot

Originally uploaded by prasun.
my first flickr upload after more than a year of having an account on flickr....blame aaron (for the t-shirt AND for making me upload a photo of it)
Dr. Seuss and Mel Blanc team up....the early years


i am getting addicted to this site - operate model trains over the web and watch them move in realtime....


mr ducks
mr not ducks
m2 r ducks, cdedbd wings?
well oil beef hooked. mr ducks