futureshop makes all its money from LYING to customers.
the salesman lied to someone i was with today just as below.
http://futureshopsucks.com/2010/01/future-shop-wants-to-charge-100-to-install-windows/he implied there is no OS on the machines and that the $100 charge is for purchasing and installation.
i is why i personally try to shop at tigerdirect


lady gaga = marilyn manson.
both media-brilliant.
they even kind of look the same.



i am really curious about what is going on with the major mistakes i make when writing emails. ie. what part of my "automatic pilot" is screwing up so badly. i do not make the same mistakes when writing something by hand - and the email mistakes are mostly, truly heinous. e.g. i will write "by" instead of "pie". such a broken telephone between different centres of my brain is perplexing - and i want to read up on what type of neurological disorders correspond to such mistakes.
is france taking cues from hérouxville


isn't unsupervised machine learning essentially trying to mimic evolution (or more precisely natural selection of some sorts)?