i never even saw the original movie - and i still find this hilarious....


i cannot believe that it is only the indian jewish community that is protesting the new "hitler's cross" resto in mumbai. it is not like india is normally big on "freedom of speech" with its recent controversy about shutting down blogging....incredible.


my hard disk on my server crashed last week
on the advice of fellow student aptly named lucky13 - i froze the hard disk for 1/2 hour and was able to boot it again and backup data....it really wouldn't boot until i froze it in a ziplock bag. so the internet rumours are true - apparently it works about 50% of the time....
i found an old disk that wasn't needed - installed everything - but then realized it was SO noisey i couldn't take it. so i removed it....finally found another that wasn't needed and just finished reinstalling redhat + all appropriate directories....hopefully this disk lasts longer....


barbara dennerlein - watch her feet...
turns out was not in the apartment itself in the back storage...still disgusting...but less so...


maybe this is not appropriate to have online....but....
mon voisin - martin - il est fou. il composte.
his compost exploded a few days ago. it smelled like shit (not in my apartment though).
i had my fears.
i just found out from another neighbour that it litterally dripped down the walls of martin's downstairs neighbour....
the feces is apparently his own.
i have a feeling i am soon going to have a new neighbour....


ok go
Archers of Loaf in Montreal in 1995....I was at this show.
won't get into details - but my computer got hacked because i was using a version of realvnc that had a bug letting anybody remotely log onto your computer without a password. very annoying.



i just submitted a typo to the nobel prize people:

Hi - I just wanted to let you know about a typo on this page:http://nobelprize.org/alfred_nobel/biographical/index.html
Alfred Nobel (1883-1896) – was born in Stockholm, Sweden on October 21, 1833.
I assume the initial 1883 should read 1833!


i'm pretty sure bjork's song cvalda must have been inspired by gainsbourg's comic strip