When a community or society is so repressive and unwavering in ideas and ideologies - is it memetic inbreeding akin to genetic inbreeding?


My dentist who I have been seeing since th eage of three is retiring....I am thinking of sending him this painting


Are You There Google? It's Me, Margaret
With the advent of Google Chrome....I'm starting to get really scared.



good list of quebec brands of yesteryear (i was searching for perrette's)


wow - i know the term is "influence" - but my first time hearing wes montgomery and pat metheny is almost a "rip-off"....


Habs'n Skate
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A skateboard and a Habs flag (courtesy Boni Enseignes) attracts a lot of attention....


why are most montreal street kids anglophone?


something like one third of McGill Elec & Comp Eng and Comp Sci graduate students don't take evolution as fact....
personal (unscientific, incredulous, sample size of not a lot) survey done at CIM
ps - doubters all went through the Montreal highschool, CEGEP, and university systems....
required reading


My theory:
A lot of Beatles' hits using a descending chord progression (Cry Baby Cry, Michelle, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Dear Prudence) are derivative of the Lenny Welch version of A Taste of Honey.
Bealtes songwriting 101 - Listen to their version of A Taste of Honey

I just found a site talking about the roots of the Beatles
someone is stealing my electricity but hydro won't help me....i will have to do some home PI work....


this company lied to me. they left a voice mail message saying i had 5 minutes of free long dustance - it is a scam