Habs'n Skate
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A skateboard and a Habs flag (courtesy Boni Enseignes) attracts a lot of attention....


why are most montreal street kids anglophone?


something like one third of McGill Elec & Comp Eng and Comp Sci graduate students don't take evolution as fact....
personal (unscientific, incredulous, sample size of not a lot) survey done at CIM
ps - doubters all went through the Montreal highschool, CEGEP, and university systems....
required reading


My theory:
A lot of Beatles' hits using a descending chord progression (Cry Baby Cry, Michelle, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Dear Prudence) are derivative of the Lenny Welch version of A Taste of Honey.
Bealtes songwriting 101 - Listen to their version of A Taste of Honey

I just found a site talking about the roots of the Beatles
someone is stealing my electricity but hydro won't help me....i will have to do some home PI work....