the gmail spell checker was making me second-guess myself until i realized it was americanizing my english. i've changed the setting to uk english.
this clip is always amusing
i just noticed jian's screen says "if this really goes sideways, i have new neil, new metric standing by" - obviously a message from his producer.


Apparently I am still in the top 25 without the error. I estimate I did about 1000km on BIXI (pronounced bike-sie in English according to Kevin). This was all done in 8 min trips.
I just got the below email. There was an administrative error that said I had a bike out for 3 months - I asked them to verify that I am still in the running when discounting this mistake. If so - since I am a HUGE fan of BIXI - I think I'll do it...
Hello Mr.

For the end of our first year, our team is analyzing the possibility to do year-end review in the media and on our website. We would love to present to top 25 BIXI BIGGEST USERS, the members that most frequently used our system.

By getting this email, you can guest…that you are part of the TOP 25 most frequent Bixi users. We would like to know if you would accept to collaborate with us so that we can present you on our website, at www.bixi.com.


Jingoist Frank Miller should listen to this episode of This American Life.
300 pissed me off.