Elliott Smith

I was at this in store performance - C and I decided to stick around until the end even though we were late for a Buffalo Tom show at the Bowery Ballroom. When we finally got to the Bowery - we left after a few songs anyways. Still haven't found a live recording of the Dec 31, 1999 New Year's eve show we attended - Elliott rang in 2000. It exists as it is listed on trade sites.


finger stylin' dylan

some musings on who plays guitar on don't think twice. i assume same person for moonshiner


Major email hack?

Two people have sent emails with links ending in "com_ag_google_analytics2/www.php?html129" The first had to change their password - and spamming stopped. I just called the second to let them know. First was on hotmail - second on yahoo.


I'm Straight

I just realized in the Modern Lover's song Jonathan rhymes the word "place" over and over with itself....sometimes with "straight".