the gmail spell checker was making me second-guess myself until i realized it was americanizing my english. i've changed the setting to uk english.
this clip is always amusing
i just noticed jian's screen says "if this really goes sideways, i have new neil, new metric standing by" - obviously a message from his producer.


Apparently I am still in the top 25 without the error. I estimate I did about 1000km on BIXI (pronounced bike-sie in English according to Kevin). This was all done in 8 min trips.
I just got the below email. There was an administrative error that said I had a bike out for 3 months - I asked them to verify that I am still in the running when discounting this mistake. If so - since I am a HUGE fan of BIXI - I think I'll do it...
Hello Mr.

For the end of our first year, our team is analyzing the possibility to do year-end review in the media and on our website. We would love to present to top 25 BIXI BIGGEST USERS, the members that most frequently used our system.

By getting this email, you can guest…that you are part of the TOP 25 most frequent Bixi users. We would like to know if you would accept to collaborate with us so that we can present you on our website, at www.bixi.com.


Jingoist Frank Miller should listen to this episode of This American Life.
300 pissed me off.



after all these years my creation of a swear word has still to catch on:
de la visitation
as in
'stie de la visitation y m'fait chier!


the best jean leloup song and video



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First pass robot head
i don't get all the voice correction effect on every pop single that comes out. it is as if you put a phaser on every single vocal on a 60s pop song...


jonathan goldstein and david rakoff's correspondence between gregor samsa and dr seuss is on of the most brilliant things i've ever heard


google with its hosted apps is becoming what vjungle was (trying to be) 10 years ago

guy moved back to india

i remember emailing with him back in the day - very nice guy


Such Great Heights got cut off - hopefully will be uploaded soon



can't help myself
listening to her on npr and had to check out the vid of her doing this all alone

i never new *what* charo was celebrated for (originally)...what made here a celebrity. she was twice named best flamenco guitarist by guitar player magazine.



blogging overload
why are there no comparisons made between nina simone's chaffeur and the beatles' drive my car?
wow - delhi, ontario is not the only place that doesn't know how to pronounce its own name (they say del-high)... there is also one in new york

Delhi, New York — /ˈdɛlhaɪ/


why has allen klein (abkco) not gone after neil young for borrowed tune (lady jane)? not worth it compared to bittersweet symphony?
oh - i just read he died a few days ago - neil is safe.


Now it makes more sense - the original Mr. Potato Head used *real* potatoes...and other fruits and vegetables....


i think david bowie is the only person who can consistently pull off tucking his shirt into his pants


It seems Google sites (Gmail, Youtube) are getting successfull in making IE and Firefox consistently crash. A little push for Chrome?
(I'm surprised Blogger is allowing this post)....


bixi and sympatico should have gotten their acts together in the first few days of bixi (probably mostly sympatico's fault). when bixi servers are overloaded they redirect the site to - an ip that was being blocked by sympatico. seems to be ok now.



seeing bell orchestre the other night placed them as my number 2 montreal band (just behind priestess) - truly amazing. but also made me remember i have to be on the lookout to catch another show by plywood 3/4


you can undo send on gmail now....and no it isn't april 1


hmm - listening to the everly brothers' walk right back i realize that neil young lifted (paid homage) to the riff


i guess i could have figured it out with a tennis ball and light-bulb but why the moon looks different in india from here


euler's formula intuitively explained by pictures
I found this song on my computer - I recorded it late at night on October 16, 2007. I have vague memories of doing so....I would have to figure out the song from scratch by listening to it....but I know it is in "Nick Drake" tuning. I guess I was thinking about music for soundtracks....

This is it


Did Georg W give Barack a "soul shake" (1:05) before boarding his helicopter into oblivion?


Retrieved from the current (Jan 14, 2009) wikipedia entry on Charles Leblond:

To mark his 65th birthday in 1975, Leblond was honored at an international symposium on the existence of stem cells in adult tissues; the resulting book, Stem Cells of Renewing Cell Populations, was the first formal, comprehensive account on the subject.[16]

16. Cairnie A.B., Lala P.K. and D.G. Osmond. Stem Cells of renewing Cell Populations Academic Press. N.Y. 1976.

Hmmm - my dad edited the first book on stem cells....