flying tar
workers fixing the roof spent a lot of time flinging down huge pieces of roofing managing to rip my clothesline out of the wall and fuck up my phone line.
subsequently, it was a huge hassle to get access to the back courtyard so the bell tech could install a new line.
on the plus side - i met the owner of the building next door, "chacha", who informed me that she and my landlord are in a huge feud - apparently he thinks she broke a gate to get access to the courtyard; she points out it's probably the neighbourhood crack addicts.
should be an interesting summer.


i just made a change to the wiktionary adding an entry for homely
- very empowering...
in case it gets erased:
Proficient in skills needed to maintain a home (common usage - Indian subcontinent e.g. in matrimonial advertisements)

my cousins were quite surprised to learn of the common dictionary meaning.
i figure a billion english speakers using it that way has to count for something....


a message from marn - when the habs were still in the playoffs....
(i've deleted her phone number)


This contains the classic sound of someone hitting the ground that only the pink panther series got right. We would try to recreate it in highschool to no avail....listen for it when the guy gets hit by a boulder....