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I am going on the record as saying there should be an "Intellectual Ventures" style open source equivalent. I don't know where funding would come from to pay for the patents....but people should start contributing these frivolous patents into a common pool so that the software community can't be strongarmed by the likes of these big patent trolls who own the rights to similar frivolous patents.


i was very skeptical going into last night's paul mccartney show. it turned out to be absolutely incredible. to my surprise - i was pretty much verklempt the whole night


Google broke its promise to me. It told me I would never need to delete another email using gmail. But over the last few months I have been constantly coming up to the limit and needing to delete emails....I finally caved and bought their first level surplus storage plan. It REALLY pains me - not because I think it's expensive or not worth it...but because Google made me change my emailing habits with a promise and now they broke that promise. I am going to start thinking of alternatives....I'm no longer exclusive Google.


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