Spocking Laurier

I noticed the resemblance in the late 80s on my own and started Spocking Laurier then - in the hope that it would catch on if I got enough in circulation...hmm.
Funnily - I would also combine the Queen E trick mentioned

- folding her face to make her smile/frown WITH the Spock trick to give Spock emotions (in the 80s Laurier was facing forwards). Maybe I can at least take credit for that one.


I coined a new term

while observing the inner workings of RH

"In regretrospect"



Anti-secularism disguised as secularism

My argument that labelling religious garb as "too modest" and forcing its removal is like forcing someone to go topless...kind of coming true


Piezo Pickup

I cannibalized a buzzer for the piezo element and created a contact mic / acoustic pickup. About $3 in parts instead of $30. Not bad - and sounds fine.


For Multimedia systems GLIS 633-6 Winter 2015

Little Scream- sound

Production Dialogue - Microphone Placement

Production Dialogue - Microphone Placement from Colin Hart on Vimeo.

Skywalker Sound discussing sound design - start at 50 sec