Eminem and the Louvin Brothers

Some Louvin Brothers lyrics (considering the time) make Eminem look like a children's artist


Alden Penner - solo

Lady Leshurr

Ed Sullivan and the Beatles

Notes on first two appearances (Ed Sullivan Theatre and Miami Beach):
  • really feels like John is in the background compared to other three - although he is amused
  • seems like Paul sings lead on *every* song until second song (This Boy) in their second performance in Miami
  • Lots of crowd reactions to Ringo closeups
  • Great guitar work (and harmonizing) by George
  • Never knew Davy Jones appeared as a kid on first episode
  • In second show, although he pronounces it right in first show, Ed keeps referring to Miami as Miama
  • Mitzi Gaynor absoutely KILLS in her appearance on the second show. She is like a 1964 Madonna (attire, dancing, appeal, etc, except with a much stronger voice).


Abbey Road crossing webcam