The who at isle of wight

I wish they would release a version with all the fake foley stuff taken out

The Beatles at the Montreal Forum

It cost $4.50 to see The Beatles at the Forum in 1964



Radiolab having to adjust for Lehrer misrepresentations in a story


My theory on dogs

people have more empathy for dogs because of their ability to move each eyebrow individually. we project emotions on them and assume their motives are transparent while thinking the cat is plotting something....


fish highway

i first had this idea as a kid (using hamster highways as building blocks) - but figured i'd have to hook up a toilet like "flush" system to flush the fish into the highway - more elegant solution from the person who actually built it.


Herbie and Corinne


Emmylou for Paul

piccolo trumpet solo in front of Paul


Jack performing before Sir Paul

The *first* First Aid Kit

None are American

and all big in Oz


Nick Drake's musical inspiration - his mom

Michael Hedges covering Neil Young

off one of my favourite NY albums



Riffage harkening back to 35 years ago - I think it even has the Bytor guy



googled em image record. found what i was looking for on the first hit


Eminem and the Louvin Brothers

Some Louvin Brothers lyrics (considering the time) make Eminem look like a children's artist


Alden Penner - solo

Lady Leshurr

Ed Sullivan and the Beatles

Notes on first two appearances (Ed Sullivan Theatre and Miami Beach):
  • really feels like John is in the background compared to other three - although he is amused
  • seems like Paul sings lead on *every* song until second song (This Boy) in their second performance in Miami
  • Lots of crowd reactions to Ringo closeups
  • Great guitar work (and harmonizing) by George
  • Never knew Davy Jones appeared as a kid on first episode
  • In second show, although he pronounces it right in first show, Ed keeps referring to Miami as Miama
  • Mitzi Gaynor absoutely KILLS in her appearance on the second show. She is like a 1964 Madonna (attire, dancing, appeal, etc, except with a much stronger voice).


Abbey Road crossing webcam


Lennon humour

Anthology version of A Day in the Life It seems it's only me who realizes he is saying "sugarbum fairy"


crazy jam recorded a few days ago streaming along with video at neil young dot com