it ocurred to me that i would like to hear the zombies record a full version of the beach boys' pet sounds....which is weird because i've never listened to pet sounds.
i'm not a fan of the beach boys although i know that technically i *should* be. i think it has something to do with the quality of their voices (not in the sense of good and bad but in the sense ot timbre etc) - it just doesn't do it for me. also something about the songwriting has always seemed "technical" to me rather than "organic"...if that makes any sense. just my impressions, while i know hordes of music enthusiasts (including many i agree with otherwise) will think i am just plain wrong. e.g - paul mccartney is a big fan of the album and describes it as having influenced him to write melodic bass lines. i have always told aspiring bassists to listen to the beatles to get an idea of how interesting, melodic bass lines should be written. so there you go - i *have* to check out the album. but then recently i thought (while listening to the zombies) that i would like THEM to play it for me. so...i guess...get on it zombies.

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