Ed Sullivan and the Beatles

Notes on first two appearances (Ed Sullivan Theatre and Miami Beach):
  • really feels like John is in the background compared to other three - although he is amused
  • seems like Paul sings lead on *every* song until second song (This Boy) in their second performance in Miami
  • Lots of crowd reactions to Ringo closeups
  • Great guitar work (and harmonizing) by George
  • Never knew Davy Jones appeared as a kid on first episode
  • In second show, although he pronounces it right in first show, Ed keeps referring to Miami as Miama
  • Mitzi Gaynor absoutely KILLS in her appearance on the second show. She is like a 1964 Madonna (attire, dancing, appeal, etc, except with a much stronger voice).

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Prasun said...

3rd show (which was on the same tour as 1 and 2)
- show itself really sucked
- Beatles were great but only played 3 songs
- crowd was booing when they realized Beatles were not going to play any more
- John really rocked and sang lead
- Ed was obsessed with how well mannered the boys were
4th show
- one year later
- Beatles were great again
- John sure forgets a lot of words
- Soupy Sales was really on (as were other acts)
Through all the concerts it amazes me how often Ed will tell audience to be quiet.
All the ads made me want to buy Pillsbury products. The commercials were a really cool glimpse into 60s TV.